Inerplantary Risk

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– 1 board, risk game pieces, 3 black/red dice, 2 white dice, objective cards, goal cards, territory cards, special cards

Horses are marked as transport ships or can be representing 5 infantry. If the horse is on land, it represents the 5 infantry, and if it is in space standing up, it is used as a transport ship. If it is lying down in space next to a transport ship, it represents the 5 infantry in that transport ship.

Cannons work similar to horses, except they represent 10 infantry or a battleship.


To start the game, shuffle the territory cards and divide them up between the number of people playing. The territories that are recieved by each player are that player’s starting territories. Space starts off as unoccupied. Each player starts out with 25 infantry, two objective cards, and one goal card. They may place these at will on their starting territories, as long as there is at least one infantry in each of the territories, negating space. After all starting infantry are placed, roll a D6 and the player with the highest roll may begin play.

Turns are taken in an offensive manner. When it is your turn, you may if you choose, first turn in territory cards and recieve all additional reinforcements. After this has taken place, you are allowed to attack adjacent territories to attempt to gain control. To attack, use the 3 red/black dice and the defender uses the 2 white dice. The higher numbers win, one infantry is killed for each dice lost. In the event of tied dice, the defending dice win. Attackers may not lose all infantry on an attack, as defenders may not control new territory when it is not their turn. As such, the attacker may not roll all 3 dice if he cannot lose 2 men without sacrificing the territory. If he only has 2 infantry, the attacker may only use 1 die. When a defender loses all infantry in the territory he/she is defending, the attacker wins and must move at least one infantry into the newly controlled territory. Players may attack as many adjacent terrritories as desired on their turn.

At the end of the turn, the attacker recieves one territory card if he wins and any number of new territories. He/she does not recieve one territory card for each territory taken, but one per turn. The player may also consolidate infantry between one adjacent territory, but nust not be done more than once.

The territory cards may be turned in when 3 of the same or 3 of a different style (infantry, horse, cannon) are acquired. The number of infantry recieved is based upon the “card trade-in” table located on the bottom of the board. For each set of cards turned in, the number of reinforcements increases for the next set to be turned in. 2 additional reinforcements are recieved for cards that you turn in with territories that you control.

If an entire planet is controlled for a round (every player takes a turn) then they recieve an allocated number of reinforcements as shown on the “planet net-worth” table located on the bottom of the board.

At the beginning of each turn a player recieves reinforcements for territories controlled. This number is decided by counting the number of territories owned and dividing by two. The quotient is the number of infantry recieved. If the quotient is not evenly divisible, the number is rounded down for number of infantry recieved. There is a minimum of 2 infantry recieved for each turn.

Once objective cards are completed, the allocated reward is recieved, and that player picks up a new objective card. This is the same for goal cards.

There are spaceports on each planet except for Dramethan. A spaceport may be used every other turn to build a battleship or a transport ship if you control the spaceport.

Transport ships are the main method of carrying infantry through space. They can carry a max of 15 infantry. As they are slow and not meant for battle, they have a -2 on their attacking dice rolls and a -1 on their defense rolls. If a transport ship attacks land, it acts as a base that the infantry attack from. The infantry have no attacking hindrance. If the transport ship itself loses to a battleship, then the ship and all men inside it are lost.

Battleships are the main method of attacking in space. They cannot carry infantry, but do not have any bonus or hindrance on their dice rolls. Battleships may not attack land, but they can be used as transport ships in the sense that it can drop infantry to a planet to fight. If a battleship is beaten in space combat, it is lost.

All ships must wait one turn before moving when they are built. At the beginning of every turn, each ship can move one territory. Space may not be occupied by two different players, but can be fought in like a normal terriroty, except between ships.

There are four asteriod fields on the board. These act as normal space territories, except all defending dice rolls are +1 when defending in that territory.

A maximum of 15 infantry can occupy a given territory.

Modified start: to divide territories, whoever starts first places 1 infantry on the territory of his/her choice. The second player follows suit, and so on. When all territories are claimed, players may put the rest of their starting infantry on territories they just claimed. Gameplay continues as normal after all starting infantry are placed.

Testing, results, general feedback:

Overall I think testing went well. Players seemed to enjoy this modification on the regular risk game. Between the group of designers including me, kyle smith, tyler and mike, there were some discrepensies as far as details in the rules. Mainly everyone wanted different numbers for the dice rolls to make everything more even. The rules posted are the revised rules after playtesting a couple times and realizing that we needed to change some things. Moving around in space proved difficult, and the asteroid spaces were pretty much useless.

How we came up with the game:

We decided almost immediately upon recieving the challenge that we wanted to do a modified RISK game. Originally we wanted to just use another existing world or series of worlds such as Warhammer or the like. Eventually we came to the conclusion that we should make our own worlds, with space  between them. We had to create new rules to the RISK game to be able to use space, but it worked out in the end.


Nuclar War

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Nuclar War is a game that it played with two player. It has two goal that the players can complete oe is rescure everyone that they can as well as collect food for there own survial plus everyon that is with them.  But when they get more people faster there food is consumed faster as so less time for them to live but also when they leve people behind they have points that are added to there evil side.


  1. Role to see who plays first.
  2. After this player have 4 people to start with and 6 crates of food
  3. The player’s role an 8 sided dice to see how far they move they can move that far with each person.
  4.   But each turn the players have to consume a certain amount of food. See table a t bottom
  5. A player’s people can only stay out in the open areas for a max of 2 turns.
  6. If a player’s person is out for more than that they die if a person dies then that player adds 4 evil points to themselves.
  7. When a player enters a building they draw a card that gives a amount of people and food decided by some dice rolls so that the game is always different.
  8. Sometimes players may have building that doesn’t have either people or food.
  9. If the player decides to levee people behind then for each person left behind they get 2 evil points were for each they try to save they get 2 good points.

10.  If a player gets a person back to their home base then they get 4 good points.

11.  When a player tries to gather food they must use two people from their group to carry a stack of six foods. If they only use one that person moves a half what the player rolls.

  1.   When a player runs out of food each other turn they lose two people and gain 10 evil points.

13.  But players also have option to kick people out of their home base when this happen they get 3 evil points.

14.  This game will continue tell all the buildings have been explored.


# people —-  food that is need a day

  1 – 6                      1

7 – 12                     2

13 – 18                 3

19 – 25                  4

26 – over                6


When the play testers were playing the game I found that the hardist thing for the player to keep track of  was how much food was being consumed each day.  Also that some found it strange that there was no real game difined winner. But my thoughts were for the players to decided this from there own feelings about good and evil as well as people they saved. Some of the players got this idea and would fight about what they wether being good was better or evil.

Digital Games

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This will have two games that I have programed up soon just need to give me some time to fix some bugs but for now I will put up what I have so far. The firsta one is a racing game that is at the moment only one player but Im still working on it to make it two or more player but I would love to hear what you people think of it so fare. The seconded game is a two player game that has two space ships that go up aginst some aliens ships then a boss at end. Its very simple at the moment Im also still working on this game for the time being but still like to know what all of you think of it so far.

Sorry you are going to have to download them in zip file but the games will be inside the folders so give feedback on them please.

“”Sorry at this moments games are not up but will be within a few days.””

Turf Wars

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Turf Wars

By Kyle Smith

Rules/Game Play

1. Need at least two players.

2. Then role to see who go’s first.

3. Take the two starting pieces and put them in the opposite corners. (One is grey other is red)

4. Then player who go’s first takes a piece from the shuffled pile or remaining pieces and outs down on the board in any place they would like then the other player does the same tell the 5×5 board is formed.

5. Then each player gets 3 guys this is shown with the 3 on the six sided dice.

7. At the begging of that player turn they get two extra guy for the start point and all other spawn point’s give one but there can only be a max of 6 guys on spawn so if there is already 6 then they do not get another. If there is not at least one guy on the spawn point including the start passion then they also do not get one.

8.  Then that player roles a 6 sided dice then count that many spaces to the right on every row or column then rotates that piece 90% in any direction.

9. After the player has spawns his guy/guys they may move any number of them one space that in any direction that is not blocked. If you move 2 guys from a dice that has 5 then use another dice for the two and the old dice that was 5 becomes 3.

10. If two players are trying to control the same territory then they battle which means they role a six sided dice for each guy they control tell one or both sets of guy’s is destroyed. Tie’s mean that both lose on guy.

11. The first person to control 4/6 spawn points for one turn wins.


 This game is probly the best one that I have come up with to date with this game all play testers were having fun playing the game as well easy to pick up and play. After the game was play tested I tried a new rule were the players could jump the walls with hafe of there units but found that just made the game even more diffcult so I took it our since it was not needed. But I would like to make this game playable for four players but to do this I would need to make the board probly twice as big as it is now. Alot of the play testers told me that it was really fun that they really enjoed the game alot.




The Game Maker Game

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The Game Maker Game

By Kyle Smith

Different Cards

1. There are 4 different types of games Shooter’s (Green), Music (Orange), Fighter (Red), Rpg (blue) only cards that have same color can be played together

Rules & Game Play

1.      Need a  least 2 or more player with max of 8

2.      Shuffle the cards then pass one card to each person tell everyone has  5 cards

3.      Pick someone to play first

4.      First player flips the first 4 cards on top of pile to be face up for all to see

5.      Then that player picks a card form the t 4 shown and discards 1 of his/her own

6.      Then that player may play one or two cards from hand to start a game

7.      Then that player draws 1 card from the middle tell they have 5 again

8.      Then that player flips cards from top tell 4 are on table again

9.      Then the player on the left go’s and does same thing

10.  During that players turn they may trade cards that they have face down for making a game with other players cards that are face down

11.   To complete a game the player needs at least a title, 1 character, and 2 gear

12.  There is also Easter egg cards that may be played with games that at least have 1 character, and 1gear cards

13.  Once a player has completed two different video games the game ends

14.  Then the players add up the points from their games

15.  If a game is not complete then they get 1/2 the points for it rounded down

16.  The player with the most points wins the game

17.  If the deck runs out of cards take discard and shuffle it together make the new deck

Special Cards

Ryoko – play as either a character card or discard it to steal a card from another player may be either in play or in their hand(allowed to look at hand) must pick one player cannot look at more than one persons cards.

Sakura – Play as a character and or play with a game with at least a title to complete that game

Sena – Play as a character card or discard it to take a card from the discard pile.

Wild Card – can be play with any title

Combo Breaker – lets you remove one gear or character from a music title game

Head Shot – lets you remove one gear or character from a shooter title

KO – lets you remove one gear or character from a from a fighter title

Death – lets you remove one gear or character from a RPG title



This was game nice idea that the players thought was really interesting but was alot to take in at once for a card type game. It was a game that most players would only get into if they had some fourm of playing card game background like Magic or Yu Gi Oh. There was at lest one player that had played games like this and pick this game up fast but other than that the players had a hard time of fiqureing out what they had to do and were looking back the ruls alot. So I think if I had more time to maybe show just parts of the game at one time then add in new things as the game devloped it would be easier to pick up on. But to do this I would need long time and lost of patience ith play tester so this one may be another that wont be fully sone any time soon.

The Great Mah-Jongg War

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This is a game that I came up with when I got the name form a random name generator. It uses the Mah-Jongg pieces with a 3×3 board to play a two person game. It’s a type of game that compiles of both strategy and some luck.


The Great Mah-Jongg War

By Kyle Smith

Rules/Game play

1.      Need 2 players

2.      Shuffle the game pieces face down in the center

3.      Then build 2 walls of 14 pieces long and 2 high in front of each player. These pieces must be face down.

4.      The last 2 reaming pieces go in the middle face down one atop the other. From here the players role a six sided dice one of the players picks odd or even before the dice role if he/she is right then they choice wither they want top or bottom piece.

5.      The person who gets the greater piece from the middle go’s first. This piece goes to your hand when done.

6.      That person role the six sided dices once more. The number that they role is both player draw from on their wall. So if you role a 3 then you count 3 starting from the left then that were you start drawing from moving to the left.

7.      Each player draws 4 pieces. Max hand size 5 pieces.

8.      When you get to the end of your wall you go to the other player’s wall and continue from there.

9.      Then the first player draws one piece from the wall. Then choices a piece from their hand and lays it down face up on a 3×3 board. That player’s turn is over. But if this player already has a piece on the board they may choice not to lay another piece on the board but instead turn one of these pieces on the board 90 degrees.

10.  Then the next player go’s by doing the same.

11.    If a player puts a piece next to opposing player’s piece it be a war. But one piece only takes another if the top of that piece is facing the other piece. This works even if the attacker is lower than the defender if the defender is facing another way. If there is a tie both go away.

12.  If a piece is lost then it goes to the middle face up.

13.  A may draw from middle if they wish but they must replace it with two pieces from their hand. Those pieces are placed face up in the middle.

14.  First person to get 5 pieces on the board for one whole turn wins.

Piece point value

There are 3 different sets of pieces that are labeled from 1-9, 1 being the lowest 9 the highest.

Also there are 3 dragons a Red, Green, Black which beat all the numbers.

Then last there is one Joker that beats everything.


This was another game that was fun from the start but with the orignal rules it was very hard if not impossible for one player to come back and win if the other player was lucky enoff to get all of the most poweful tiles in the game. So after adding in a dice role to the game so make the balence and the moveing of pices once they beat onther pice mand the game more balenced. This also made the game re playable beacuse after the changes were made the play testers kept playing the game after I was done takeing down notes.

Work in progress

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This is one that im working on that gives my views of Hell and Heaven so far only the title page is all drawn out. Sorry dont have a name for it yet. ok just got done with another pice’s that I may use in the book what u think about it.  Alos there is a pic of Hellsing that I drew but Hellsing is a sweet manga/show to me.